Five good and bad things that “could”(would) happen if Trump becomes President.

Five good and bad things that “could”(would) happen if Trump becomes President.

imageEveryone talks about the bad things that could happen so much.
But since he’s so popular, there’s bound to be some good things in his campaign….right?
So I thought I’d list up five good and bad things that could happen from my perspective.

Let’s start with the good things that could happen first, shall we?

1. Fewer “Illegal” immigrants from Mexico.
Even though some people say forcing them home is inhuman or Trump’s remarks on sending them home are racism, it’s still illegal. And it’s also true that they take jobs from Americans and all the legal immigrants.
So….this is good news for America right?
Yes, for most of us. But maybe not so much for factories that employ them for cheap salaries.

2. Shut down parts of the Internet.
Now, I know what you’re screaming right now.
“Wait a minute! Why is closing the Internet a good thing!?”
I’ll tell you why. He’s not shutting it down for everyone. He’s gonna shut it so the Islamic State can’t recruit teens or grownups to join them.
Feel better now?;)

3. Make the gun background checks more secure.
Now, you may think Trump doesn’t care about gun safety or background checks.
But in fact, he says that he’ll make sure that “the states are uploading criminal & health records properly.” And all this is supposed to protect America from terrorist attacks.

4. Bring back jobs to America.
Good news laborers! You’re getting back your jobs!( Hopefully)
This depends on who is reading this.
If you’re a laborer who used to work at motor factories, you would be rolling on the floor with joy. On the other hand, if you’re the manager or the CEO of the company, you’d be throwing your phone across the room by the time you finish reading this.
Companies want to make the same products in low price. But to do that, companies have to have their factories where they can employ low wage workers. And American wages are soaring too high for them to afford.

5. Reduce the $18 trillion national debt
How? He says he will “Vigorously eliminate waste, fraud and abuse in the federal government”. And he will also cut redundant government programs and focus on growing the economy.
Here’s the bad things that could(would) happen.

1. Let’s build a wall!
Yes, as I said earlier, there are a tremendous amount of illegal people coming from Mexico to the US. But that doesn’t mean America needs to build a wall to physically stop them.
That kind of wall could and will cause cracks in US and Mexico relations. And what will happen to NAFTA? If he builds a wall? So all in all, building a wall isn’t a good idea.

2. Refuse to call Iran’s leader by his preferred title.
Hmmm….maybe it’s time to strengthen ties with Saudi Arabia…..
Trump says, if he becomes President, he will “NOT” call Iran’s leader “supreme leader”.
He would rather call to him…”Hey baby! How ya doin?”

3. Heavily surveil mosques in America.
Trump says he may close some mosques in the United States to keep the civilians safe.
As ISIS is advances in the Middle East and more inhuman terrorist attacks occur in parts of Europe such as France, Belgium and Germany.

4. He might invest BIG on something and then lose BIG.
Even though, Donald Trump is a billionaire now, he has also experienced bankruptcy in his life. That means that Trump’s investments are “not always” accurate. And when he wins big, that’s good for America. But if he loses big then….that’s gonna be a whole different story.

5. Make the Europe feel betrayed.
Donald Trump is hugely unpopular in Europe. Especially to British PM, David Cameron. And Trump also, hates him back. Newspapers write articles that urge US voters NOT TO vote for Trump in the elections. “If” Trump becomes President and “if” this hate for Trump in Europe continues, The United States may have to fight ISIS and other threats alone.

If you have something you thought or something to add to this post, feel free to leave it in the comment box below. We will be more than happy to answer them! –TOAC

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