Good ol’ haters

Hello to everyone reading this!

I am  Strikedbyepicness and I am one of the new bloggers who will be writing on this page regularly (even though I can’t be bothered sometimes). I was thinking whether to do an introduction to me so that you guys can get to know me a bit better, but I decided not to and if you want to know anything about me I’ll link to an about page at the end. This post was actually one that I wrote on my blog ( and wanted to share it with you because I was told it was very helpful and maybe it can benefit all of you as well! So here it is… Enjoy! 🙂

The topic I wanted to talk to you about today is the bad people out there. The bad people who seem to feed off people’s sorrow and unhappiness. The bad people who don’t seem to find any joy in the World, but are always plotting in their head of another victim. The bad people who will not let you rest until you have paid, dearly. The bad people who would do anything for the cause of your destruction, just for the reason that they find contentment in your grief. The people that your parents warn you about when you’re young. The people who seem to roam the streets at night, with nothing better to do than engulf the darkness.

Just kidding. I’m gonna be talking all those lovely haters. Those wonderful people who sometimes hide behind their screens and think that they can say anything to anyone, when they really can’t. They still do though, and until we are wiped off the face of this earth, they will not be gone.

They can be people face-to-face like bullies. And one reason that everyone says that I don’t particularly agree with, is that they are the ones who are insecure with themselves so they want to take it out on other people.That statement almost makes you feel sorry for the bullies. Firstly they bully others because they think that they are better than them. It is to do with pride, not necessarily to do with insecurities. The amount of mental and physical damage they do to a person is actually unimaginable. They can lead the person to have a lot of mental health problems in the future, self-harming and can even lead to suicide.

So based on that, here are just some ways we can stop them people from bothering us and interrupting what we enjoy.

Number 1) Don’t hate on other people. If you hate on someone else you will just get yourself into a fight and people will start judging you for it too. Even if you do it on a fake or secret account, it will not only affect the person you are saying it to, it will affect you too.

Numbero 2) Don’t let them get you down. You are amazing and unique and sometimes it can be as small as a nasty comment from someone that can stop you doing what you love, forever. Always look towards the light. Look at the good things about what you do and just think of this as a minor obstacle on the road that will only make you stronger.

Numéro 3) Do not blame yourself. It is not you who is at fault, it is them. They are the ones who are nasty to you and they just don’t want you to do the best that you can in your life.

Número 4) Take it as a compliment! They are jealous of your success and want to take it away from you. Don’t let yourself sink onto the same level as them, you are worth so so so much more.

Numerus 5) Take it on the chin and move along. If they are actually offering some good advice for once, listen to what they are saying and improve yourself. You’re not perfect, neither is anyone else. We all need to improve and what better way than using the advice of the people who actually mean to get a reaction out of us.

Nummer 6) If you are a hater who actually means well, then what better time to improve than now. Go out there and show everyone that you actually mean well and go get to the peak of where you can be. #YOLO Make sure your life is worth living.

That is my weird but somewhat helpful steps on how to deal with the haterzzz. (See I cannot even be bothered with them. I fall asleep zzz).

“What if the kid you bullied at school, grew up, and turned out to be the only surgeon who could save your life?” ~ Lynette Mather

Until the next time I can be bothered to write so much XD,

Wadz a.k.a Strikedbyepicness 😛

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