5 Things I can’t live without

5 things that I can’t live with haha that’s interesting one to blog about. Here it goes.

1) My iPhone can’t live without that when I have to many important people on there and would be lost without it.

2) Can’t live without my dairies because I have so many appointments and doing things with friends and family it’s unbelieveable it’s like who? what? where? how?

3) Surrey Sports Park where I go to the gym and many things to be able to keep fit. Can’t live without that at the moment.

4) My closest best friends that I can’t live without. Without them I wouldn’t be able to achieve things and be able to cope with life without them.

5)Not having make up on and having my hair extensions in but when it comes to work and getting up early sucks a lot no time to sort it out. I really can’t live without anymore because it’s who I am.

There that was hard to think about what my 5 things that I can’t live without. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures and the reasons behind them. There’s probably more others that I can’t live without but it was 5 things that I can’t live without.

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