Masculinity is a Solution, not a Problem!

So I found this news/entertainment website today called Odyssey, which is apparently run by millennials. That’s cool, I always like to hear from people closer to my age, but there’s different types of millennials. In an attempt to gauge the ideological climate of the site, I typed the word “masculinity” into the search window, hit Enter, and almost fell off my chair laughing! These are some of the titles that turned up:

image Image credit- Mike Teodros

As is all too common, the writers at Odyssey have no idea what masculinity is all about; they seem to think a “masculine” man is one who beats his wife due to bottled-up “emotions” that he’s not allowed to express for fear of somehow becoming gay! Sure, masculinity isn’t “nice”. What it is, is a healthy BIOLOGICAL construct (not a social one) that ultimately leads to great things.

True masculinity is not a problem, it’s not fragile, and it doesn’t hurt men OR women. If millennial men were at all masculine, millennial women who write for Odyssey would have nothing to complain about!

Masculinity does NOT mean not having feelings. Music makes me cry all the time; I’m okay with that, not because feminists tell me it’s okay, but because it’s good music and it inspires and affirms me. A man who feels nothing also does nothing. Masculinity DOES mean being solution-oriented instead of taking your emotions out on others. A real man, when unhappy in a relationship, will simply find someone else instead of abusing his partner. He is secure in his own power, and does not bully other men or disrespect women out of a need to feel strong. If he’s gay, he’s okay with that, and if he’s straight, that’s fine too.

Masculinity does NOT mean feeling entitled to anything, least of all sex! A real man knows that the world owes him nothing. He must fight and strive for everything he truly desires in life. Though he may be aggressive in his pursuit of victory, he wants to win fair and square. Male sexuality in the absence of masculinity to give it direction is a recipe for sexual harassment, rape, and the inevitable feminist backlash from women who no longer feel safe around men. Elliot Rodger was incredibly unmasculine, and he was also an entitled misogynist and a murderer.

Masculinity is NOT a mainstream-acceptable value! I’ve never felt so isolated from my peers than since I made the decision to embrace masculinity this January. I can’t talk to the guys about what I’m doing, because they’d rather be talking about football and rap music and video games and other stereotypical things. If the titles at the top of the page don’t convince you, I think the fact that I don’t feel I can talk to men about masculinity demonstrates just how edgy it actually is!

Modern feminism arose out of a climate of aggressive male misogyny caused by a lack of masculinity. Men became weak and indolent, and indolence breeds hatred. If you’re concerned about misogyny, you should support the healthy expression of and identification with masculinity, not condemn it as a harmful stereotype! And when you tell us it’s okay to cry, I know you mean well, but ask yourself this: deep down, does it really feel right to see men breaking down in tears all the time? If you’re a woman, would you want to be with a man like that? If you’re a man, is that the kind of guy you’d want to associate with? We all have our moments of weakness as a natural part of being human; we don’t need any encouragement!

For more information about the topic of masculinity (and how to “do” it), be sure to visit Danger& THIS TO, the site of Mike Cernovich. He’s been doing it a lot longer than I have, and he taught me everything I know!

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