Social person or Non-Social person


Are you social person? Or are you non-social person? Think about it for a few moments. Think what’s happening in the picture which person are you the girl close to you in the picture? or are you the two people in the background?

If you’re a socialable person what do you think about the non-socialable person who forced themselves to come out on outings because they don’t want to let anyone down. Would you think badly of them? Would you just ignore them? Would you stand by their side so they won’t feel left out? Help them join in the conversations? What would you do?

If you are a non socialable person what do you think about the outgoing socialable people. Are you one of those people who forced yourself to go out? Afraid people might talk to about you behind your back? You hate going out and think of an excuse of getting out of it? Yet you see people taking photos of having a great time. Yet sometimes you wish you did go? You sometimes your like I’m glad that you didn’t go because I like to being on my own?

I’ll let you in a little secret and a story. I’m one of those non socialable people. I hate going out especially if people I don’t know very well. More to the point due to my mental health issues such as GAD. My social anxiety can play up so bad that I want to cancel and don’t want to go out. I start to stress myself out to the point of giving myself a headache or go for my skin. Like tonight I had my social anxiety started to kick in because I had arranged to meet up with someone. I panicked to the point of trying to find away of getting out of it as best as I could. In the end I still couldn’t get out of it. So I still have to go.
You see people who love being out and being social all the time. Then you have a few friends who non socialable and you try encourage them to come out. Promise them that they will not leave you at all. Some just go off and just to have a great time leaving you standing there by yourself. Some just stay with you and help you loosing up a bit to. E able to let your hair down.

The contrast of people really shows the amount of population who enjoys the wild life and have the quiet life at home. Yet it shows who you are as a character and a person on which people contect with each other. The most outgoing people are more louder and draw attention to themselves where there’s yourself with the non socialable people who hate drawing attention to yourself.

Let me know about which one you are and share your stories. I am intrigued of other people’s thoughts and feelings about social activities.

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