The warrior in 300 words or less

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Until you set your own rules, there is nothing that will guide your world. I believe that rules are made to be broken, but as anything in the world, it depends. It depends if the rules enchain you, or they give you the freedom to never loose your path.

About the last ones I want to talk about. The “rules”, or “guidelines”, or “axioms”, or “ground rules”, whatever you choose to name your metaphor, they represent the same thing. They give your life the right amount of discipline, yet you are free to do exactly what you want, while being sure that you maintain the same road.

Make your OWN rules. Don’t let anyone dictate them to you. Listen to your heart, to what your inner being senses that is right, to what your instinct tells you that is good for you. Then respect them with all your being.

There’s no recipe if you want to achieve something. All that you can do is have DISCIPLINE (All about that in another post) and make your own course.

No matter whether you want to lose weight, start every morning with a big glass of warm water and lemon, work out on the regular basis, start your own business, travel, study hard, get your dream job, buy a house, forget your past, get over a hearth break or…basically anything, you name it, YOU NEED DISCIPLINE.

Be a bada$$. Be so bad that you won’t let someone or something carry you off from your path. Believe in what you choose to believe, set the ground rules that will help you achieve your dreams and Go HARD! You are the conqueror of your own life. Be the best warrior!

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