If you are like most people, you have aspirations for a better life maybe a goal or dream you like to achieve. That goal may coincide with personal growth or maybe a dream that you always wanted to pursue. Your goal may also include going back to school, becoming an entrepreneur or starting a new workout routine. Having a goal is the easy part achieving and overcoming inner and outer doubt can truly leave you frightened past your wildest dreams and completely powerless by your own fear. Some of us spend a vast majority of time arranging our dreams, talking about them, writing about them and reading books about them preparing to act on said dream.

Sometimes our activities make us believe we’re moving in the right direction when self-doubt or fear pops up its ugly head. This is usually when what I liked to call “scaredy cat decisions” comes into action these are decision based on fear. Simply put this is when you let your fears or worries dictate your actions. Once you reach this point of thinking it can either break you or make you. At one point or another, we all question whether or not we are doing enough, making enough money, or if we are going to be “successful”.

Like in my own experience, self-doubt will try to snuff out your dreams. It will try to hold you back from becoming anything. But don’t you let it! You are capable of achieving what you want to achieve, one step at a time. Here are a few ways that can help you conquer your fears and become fearless to achieve all of your grandest goals and dreams.

Recognize That You have Self-Doubt or Fear
You can’t get rid of something until you recognize that it’s there. By recognizing that self-doubt or fear is holding you back you’re one step closer to rediscovering your self-confidence.

Build Your Confidence
Although achieving your dream will bring up stress, fear, doubt, this experience is precisely what is necessary for a confidence breakthrough to occur. It is not enough to make self-supporting choices when your journey is easy, you have to do it when it’s hardest to do so.

Don’t Listen To The Doubters
When you care about what everyone else is thinking of you, you inhibit yourself. You’d rather do nothing and not get judged than do something and risk criticism. No matter what you’re trying to achieve there will always be naysayers in the way saying you can’t do it. When you stop listening to them and focus on your dreams and passions you have taken a major step.

Read Positive Messages
This is very important especially if you don’t have anyone in your life to encourage, motivate or inspire you to continue to follow your dream. These positive articles, videos or blogs can help shape your mindset in mighty way.

Ask Yourself Empowering Questions
Certain types of questions can lead you to gain new insights and new motivation. Ask yourself the following questions, allow yourself to answer them from your heart, and see where your truths take you: Are your dreams important enough to change your daily lifestyle? Are you willing to make sacrifices to achieve your goal or dream? Do you have the courage to go after what you want and see it through?

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