Could you be friends with yourself?


I’ve been toying with this idea of could I be friends with myself? Because it comes up a lot when I look for an idea of what to talk about. I was like saying to my friend earlier. Admit it I’m the most frustrating person at the times to be honest it’s true. I have a love hate relationship with myself where I get on with myself so much and then other days I’m like what the hell is wrong with you sort of thing.

I have agreed with people who say your the most frustrating person to work with. In a joke kind of way but I use the punch line of you telling me. I can’t stand myself half the time. One thing I don’t agree with people is that I’m pretty and etc that’s just me being inscure and what not. Everyone has those don’t they unless your one of those people who a stuck up and think their perfect in every way. Who are they trying to be Mary Poppins? No ones perfect I know I’m not.

My answer is this I can be friends with myself. I do fall out with myself a lot because I have dyslexia so I can fall out with my alter ego as you may call it. It makes me laugh that I argue a lot with myself best way for it and yeah sometimes I forgive myself for it. I have this feeling that something is telling me magpies are looking out for me today. They seem to be following me everywhere. Just moved from the back of the sports park to the front of the park.

Let me ask you these questions and you can share your opinions or keep them to yourselves or email what you think. Could you be friends with yourself? If so why. Do you believe in life after death? Such as after you past you turn into something like a bird for example. Do you believe that you come back as a Sprite? I ask myself these sort of questions to myself all the time. As I feel like someone or some people are watching over me when things get tough and etc. Let me know what your own thoughts are.

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