Our Goal 

We want to make something better than the Huffington Post.                                                     

We’re seriously serious. And desperate for your help .

We want to invite a handful of very talented but not so famous bloggers to write or share articles to TOAC so that not a single piece of talent in the world is wasted.

Have you ever scrolled through the HuffPost and seen a blogger you feel inferior to you? I’m sure you have.

That’s why we’re desperate to create a website to share those voices to the world!

And to accomplish this goal, we need YOUR HELP. We need YOU to pitch articles/stories or write for us to create a giant network of talented bloggers.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Why we still use WordPress.com rather than .org

It is to show we’re not here for money. We’re here to share your thoughts to the world. And like we said earlier, we are determent to create something better than the Huffington Post.


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