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Embrace your imperfections


Embrace your quirks, being wierd Is wonderful thing- Ed Sheeran

We all have our imperfections and that makes us individuals and beautiful in our own ways. The world would be extremely boring and wierd if we all looked alike and did the same things. Don’t try to copy others because everyone is uniquely and wonderfully created trying to copy others will disrupt your future and God’s purpose for creating you. Don’t feel insecure about your imperfections because that’s the way you are created. Let us encourage diversity and learn to embrace our imperfections. Let our motto for this week be I LOVE AND ACCEPT MY IMPERFECTIONS and remember that imperfections makes you who you are.

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The Wolf of Time

image Image credit- Rebecca Sullivan

Hello Readers,

Lately I have been thinking about the concept of time and its meaning. I thought I would share my thoughts and questions with you and maybe ‘open a new door’ as to how time is percevied!!

If time was a character what would it be? Would time be a character deemed as enchanting and one that radiates warmth? Would you personify time as a protector, allowing you to experience beautiful and meaningful moments, aiding your development? Or would you describe time as a cruel, deceitful and overriding character, letting the vibrant lights of life quickly fade with its shadow looming over, reflecting the stillness of your world?- Back to the real life you go, you hear time say. How would the face of your time look? Would it have an endearing smile and eyes which would unlock and grant you your hopes and dreams that you envisioned? Or would time’s face be emotionless, giving you a cold glare with its stone eyes that conveys authority and overruling power, leaving you feeling crushed?

The idea of what time is, what time means, can change throughout one’s life. Time in childhood should bring one moments of joy, beauty and pleasure, a period in which one is given a chance to explore their surroundings, a stage in which that dreams are created. As children we try to hold on to the aspects of life that filled with fun, laughter and love, trying to make activities which exudes such moments last longer, whilst rushing through other more mundane activities. It could be said that time is segmented, renamed and categorised into joyful and pleasurable and gloomy and uninspiring events; the way in which a child expresses these times suggest how favourable or favourable they are. For example the way that a child excitably announce that ‘Its playtime’ depicts that it’s moment of magic and wonder, contrary to when ‘Its homework time’ said in a lifeless tone.

This want to breeze past some moments of time and meander through others is shared by adults, but to a lesser extent. Suddenly you wake up to the fact the there is no second chance; time is slippery, there is a limit to how long you have to hold on to something. It is only as you get older that you truly appreciate time and what time have given you; you might have been taught useful lessons, making you wiser and equipped for the unused time, you might have been given a chance to fulfil a dream or simply given you moments for you to treasure.

The harsh fact that time is running out, or that time is not giving you enough space to full, leaves you panicking, trembling with fear: ‘I want to do this..’ ‘When can I do this now?’ Yet whilst one experience all these thought and feelings, time is still continuing, getting older, fading; the volume of life left in the timer is slowly disappearing. W. H Auden once wrote in a poem ‘You cannot conquer time,’ personifying time as an all-knowing character. However instead of taking on a defeatist view, seeing time as an enemy, create a harmonious connection with time, go forward with ease. Change that monologue in your head from ‘What I could haves’ to ‘What I can dos.’ Make time your friend; is it the one that will see you until the very end- who knows how your character of time could change?!!

I hope you have enjoyed this read and thank you for you so much time!!

Untill next time,

All my love XX

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Could you be friends with yourself?


I’ve been toying with this idea of could I be friends with myself? Because it comes up a lot when I look for an idea of what to talk about. I was like saying to my friend earlier. Admit it I’m the most frustrating person at the times to be honest it’s true. I have a love hate relationship with myself where I get on with myself so much and then other days I’m like what the hell is wrong with you sort of thing.

I have agreed with people who say your the most frustrating person to work with. In a joke kind of way but I use the punch line of you telling me. I can’t stand myself half the time. One thing I don’t agree with people is that I’m pretty and etc that’s just me being inscure and what not. Everyone has those don’t they unless your one of those people who a stuck up and think their perfect in every way. Who are they trying to be Mary Poppins? No ones perfect I know I’m not.

My answer is this I can be friends with myself. I do fall out with myself a lot because I have dyslexia so I can fall out with my alter ego as you may call it. It makes me laugh that I argue a lot with myself best way for it and yeah sometimes I forgive myself for it. I have this feeling that something is telling me magpies are looking out for me today. They seem to be following me everywhere. Just moved from the back of the sports park to the front of the park.

Let me ask you these questions and you can share your opinions or keep them to yourselves or email what you think. Could you be friends with yourself? If so why. Do you believe in life after death? Such as after you past you turn into something like a bird for example. Do you believe that you come back as a Sprite? I ask myself these sort of questions to myself all the time. As I feel like someone or some people are watching over me when things get tough and etc. Let me know what your own thoughts are.

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Authority and Me Before You


Hello Readers,

Recently, I have watched the incredibly emotional film Me Before You. This film open minds, bends stiff ideas and leaves you with one (or lots of) tears. I believe sharing my thoughts on this particular film is important to express. Like a post I have written before, regarding a film, I will write about Me Before You in relation to a theme that it so elegantly illustrated, and that is authority. Authority, in this film, shows that you can be the master of your own destination, if you have a little believe. This was demonstrated by both characters that I wilI write about. I would like for you to read this with an open mind and to remember nothing is ever ‘black and white.’ Feel free to comment any thoughts you may have on this!!

So much, if not all, of society is controlled restricted and overruled by a superior force, in one way or another. This could be in the form of the government, teachers/people we seek advice from or your parents. Sometimes the sense of authority can make you feel ‘safe’, providing you with assurance that your life choices are accepted agreed and Okayed by a figure that you admire. With reassurance given it motivates you, consciously or subconsciously, to succeed even more in the decisions that you make. This sense of security that comes with authority could, however, be so overbearing that one is left trapped, finding themselves in an unrequested life, unable to grasp hold of the steering wheel of their life, simply be a passenger on route to a unknown destination. But just because you are answered with a dismissive glare and hear the stomach-churning, two letter word ‘NO’ do not mean you cannot find your own way. You can create your own key to open the lock!!

The film, Me Before You, follows the story of Will; a man who once was a young highflying city banker with a zest for life and had a love for travelling was left paralyzed following a motorbike accident. He was back living with his parents in a place he described “That people come to when they get tired of actually living.” Will’s life, post-accident, is a total contrast from the way he found his way in the world; from being completely independent, and in control of his destination to having to ask for assistance with every little movement and having it authorised by another person.

Will’s story merges together with the life of Lou. A young lady with a quirky personality, trying to earn money for her family, but finds herself unhappy in every job she takes. She is living in the world not truly knowing which way her life is headed. Lou then applies and is successful caregiving job to a young man, who just happens to be Will. In her first few encounters with Will, he appears to be shut off and very closed minded to the idea of any sort of companionship with anyone including Lou; the personalities of both theses character could not be more different, with Lou always looking at life with ‘the glass half full.’ Will’s bitterness is highlighted when he says to Lou “What if I said I didn’t want you here?” to which she replies “I’m not employed by you, I’m employed by your mother.” Here we see the lack of authority Will have; the director of his life lies with someone else. However Lou’s raw honesty to Will about the effect his pessimism on others “making….life…miserable” that results in his company “not being particularly enjoyable,” allows him to see another’s perspective and that others have difficult times too. From this moment in the film Will’s cynicism begins to fade, letting a relationship with Lou blossom. They both learn things from each other that would otherwise be an unknown territory if their lives did not pave the path that it did; from Lou’s perspective being magnified, enabling her to find a deeper meaning of life that she craved for, and Will’s ability to look beyond stereotypes and find true beauty in people, stepping out of his comfort zone. Both of these characters could be said to play a ‘teacher’ role to each other, one teaching the other vital life lessons.

This beautiful relationship between Will and Lou that makes them re-define the word life plays a deep importance in both of their lives. However for Will what he desires for is unattainable, Lou learns of Will’s wish to end his life; not wanting to endure anymore of the endless physical or emotional pain he experiences every day, as a result of his disability. In the hope that he will change his mind and see that “life is worth living” Lou establishes and make come alive Will’s dreams, dreams of traveling, going to concerts and being part of activities that he enjoyed as what he termed as the “Old Will.” But even in times of joy, Will is reminded of what he yearns for; after He and Lou drive home from concert Will says “I just want to be a man who’ve been to a concert with a girl in a red dress, just a few minutes more” in reply to Lou’s comment “we better get you in (both still sitting in the car).” He still has to ask to do things in order to experience just a fraction of his desired life, which would perhaps be otherwise left unsaid.

Both characters show that some they can gain or regain power over their life. This is firstly demonstrated by Lou and her ability to persevere with the cynical temperament of Will when they both meet, showing him the light amongst the darkness of his perspective. Throughout the film we see Lou’s sense of self blossoming, being able to stand up for herself and not having something or someone else have power over her. Secondly Will regains his ability to be heard and respected. This is first demonstrated when Lou expresses the effect he has had on her when she tells him “I have become a whole new person because of you,” indicating that he have the abilities to change people lives, even if it is unconsciously. A second way in which he regains authority is by having the final say on the direction of his life. Although Will is tried to be convinced that he could still experience life and fulfil his dreams, he wants to experience those things as the “Old Will”; he is still wishes to die. After six months of when he first shared his wish with his parents, he makes his final journey to Switzerland whereby he ends his life. This was solely Will’s decision and a decision he persisted with. Even though people who authorised the way he lived was in disagreement, Will got back control of his life and directed it in the way that he knew best.

All my love XX

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3 Reasons Why You Can’t Find A Job

image.pngSource credit-here

Have you been unemployed? If so, then you probably know how frustrating it is to try to find a job in the United States today. Some areas of the United States have been devastated so badly by the economic downturn. Unless you have been unemployed before, it’s hard to explain the extreme frustration that one feels when you are unable to pay the rent and feed your family. This epidemic has prompted me to become an entrepreneur and become my own boss. However, there is a huge misconception that being unemployed is the fault of those who are unemployed. The truth is that our economy is dying and it is not producing nearly enough jobs anymore.Here are some reasons why it’s hard to find a job.

1. Increased competition:
There have been a record number of college applications across the nation, resulting in more college graduates, and thus, more competition for the limited number of jobs available on the market. I will safely assume that every person reading this knows at least one person in their social circle who has graduated college and is still having difficulty getting a job

2. Lack of networking:
Many people get jobs through referrals. Statistics show the majority of people get their jobs this way. The reason why word of mouth is so effective is because it cuts through all the worry of whether or not this person can do the job. If somebody has been working for a company for some time, then that employee knows what it takes to succeed, and if that employee knows somebody who can do it, it’s an easy fit. The employer will trust the employee referring the new candidate and the new candidate will most likely get the job.

3. Technology Replaces Workers:
This has become a major problems in recent years with more technology there is a lesser need to for employers to hire available workers. This results in a huge number of displaced workers

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Enjoyment and Connections


Hello Readers,

The word enjoyment…what does it mean to you? What connotations does enjoyment have? Do you have an immediate image in your mind when you hear that word? Perhaps of a place or of a specific person? What feelings to you experience when you think of the word enjoyment?

Enjoyment, the sense of enjoyment is unique to every individual; the passion, the enchanting nature, the singular or multiple elements of entities that drives one to ever find themselves lost in the joyful state. These are precious moments that should be cherished as it gives one a chance to get in touch with their ‘true self’ being reminded of freeing, calming, fun and joyful nature inside them; they are able to go back to the place where they are just ‘let be’. Maybe out of these times whereby they are able to indulge in thrilling experiences, they can recognise qualities in themselves that they have perhaps overlooked or were inattentive to before.

An exciting aspect of enjoyment is that the entity you take pleasure in could be shared by others, other people you may not know; you and that mystery person(s) already have a connection, you just have to go in search of those who are on the other end of the link.

Place yourself in a music concert- the first cord on guitar is strummed, the first note on the piano is played and the first beat on the drum is echoed, it is THE song everyone knows. Now for my favourite bit- looking around and seeing, feeling the vibrations of excitement amongst hundreds of individuals, radiating what you are feeling-all singing the same words and waving their hands in unison. The atmosphere is electric with joy all for one reason and if a person a members of the crowd ‘Why do you like this band?,’ you would find that similar responses would be given- you might even find two people give the exact same answer.

My example of a concert is on a big scale, but even if you were to consider a form of enjoyment that was more individualised to you, you are guaranteed that there is at least another person in the world with similar appreciations as you. This comes to remind you and I that no one is ever completely alone, if you only looked around.

So, go and find what it is you enjoy, what it is that you have deep happiness in doing it!! Even if there is a wall of fear jump over to the other side and find out the answer to ‘what if?’. Most importantly enjoy!!

Until next time,

All my love XX

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Obama makes History.


Obama on Friday visited Hiroshima, the first city in history to be targeted with a nuclear bomb, becoming the first sitting president to do so more than seven decades after the attack.

Obama arrived at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park alongside Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The two leaders laid wreaths in front of the cenotaph for the victims of the bomb.

“Seventy-one years ago, on a bright cloudless morning, death fell from the sky and the world was changed. A flash of light and a wall of fire destroyed a city, and demonstrated that mankind possessed the means to destroy itself,” Obama said.

“Why do we come to this place, to Hiroshima? We come to ponder a terrible force unleashed in the not-so-distant past. We come to mourn the dead, including over 100,000 Japanese men, women and children, thousands of Koreans, a dozen Americans held prisoner. Their souls speak to us. They ask us to look inward. To take stock of who we are, and what we might become.”

Ahead of the visit, Obama had confirmed that he would not apologize for President Harry S. Truman’s decision to drop the bomb toward the end of the war. On August 6, 1945, a United States Air Force plane dropped the bomb named “Little Boy” on the city, leading to the deaths of an estimated 140,000 people. A second bomb was dropped on Nagasaki three days later, killing another 70,000 people.

Obama told a news conference Thursday his visit was also a reminder of the need for a “sense of urgency” about the risks of future nuclear conflict, singling out North Korea’s pursuit of an atomic bomb as “a big worry for us all.”

(originally posted on Fortune)

What did you think about President Obama’s visit to Hiroshima?

One of the World’s Richest Countries Is Voting on Whether to Give All Its Citizens $2,500 Per Month


Next month, the world could get its first national basic income, but the likelihood of it passing remains a long shot.

The Swiss will vote on June 5 whether to institute an unconditional basic income that will take the place of some welfare benefits. The concept of basic income is a hot topic nowadays as the world considers a future with less work, but Switzerland will be the first country to actually vote on it.

Proponents of the stipend say that it will give all Swiss a decent living and allow them to “participate in public life.” The text of the referendum doesn’t specify how much each citizen will receive, but advocates have suggested 2,500 francs or $2,500 for adults and 625 francs for kids per month.

Opponents of measure–including the Swiss government-argue that an automatic income is a disincentive to work and will increase taxes. The government also says the stipend could hamper the Swiss economy by causing a shortage in skilled workers, prompting businesses to relocate abroad. Plus, the suggested $2,500 per month stipend adds up to an annual sum that’s just barely above the national poverty line, according to Bloomberg. Those arguments seem to have resonated with voters. A poll conducted in April showed that just 24% of voters supported it; 4% remained undecided.

But even if the Swiss reject the measure, the idea of basic income is likely to remain a timely talking point, as world leaders grapple with wealth inequality and concerns that machines could someday displace a vast share of workers.

Lausanne, Switzerland made the news last month when its city council narrowly passed a motion calling for a city-wide basic income trial program. Other governments–namely those of Ontario in Canada, Finland, and the Netherlands–have also toyed with the idea of giving their citizens free money to cover basic needs. And some players in Silicon Valley are also infatuated. Y Combinator president Sam Altman said in January that the startup incubator wanted to fund a study of the idea.

At least one basic income acolyte says Switzerland is an ideal testing ground for the concept given its wealth. (It’s typically ranked among nations with the highest per capita GDP.) Former Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis told Bloomberg that, “A rich country like Switzerland has the great opportunity to try out this great experiment.”

(originally seen on The Fortune)

What do you think about this?

Do you think Swizzerland should vote Yes or No?

Peer Pressure

“peer pressure – social pressure by members of one’s peer group to take a certain action, adopt certain values, or otherwise conform in order to be accepted.”

Through out life you feel the peer pressure from just a young age. Kids feel inscurite because of the way from not having any friends, bullied, feeling that they are fat and have to loose weight, have to make themselves more respectable, want to be popular and etc. In which to take order of being accepted into ones group.

This carries on through out life where more people you meet will pressure you to do something that you don’t want to do. Like for example: taking drugs, smoking, getting to waisted from being drunk, steal things, sleep around and many more things.

These days I find that people really can’t accept that people are completely different to them. They don’t have to copy other people’s bad habits, what people wear, what they do and etc. I have a few experiences where I literally had to pull my friends out of some rediclous situations or give them advice to get them out of it.

Yet one of my friends is a year sober because of me getting her help and being there for her when it’s been most dangerous for her. I’ve never been so proud of her on which she has proven herself that she can do it and now doing things that she wants to do. She even shown her friends that she doesn’t need to have a good time drinking or anything.

When I was growing up I always had trouble with myself confidence and stuff but the most important thing for me was being my own invidiual wear what I want to wear and stuff like that because I’m one of those people who just want to get on with things. I get on with everyone but I don’t class them as friends but I got on with them. They respected me and I respected them to the point of they would stand up for me if something was being said or something happened.

Peer Pressure will always find away in finding you when you at least expect it. Even at work funny enough but that’s because people haven’t grown up enough to think differently. They aren’t at school anymore to pick on people.

My advice is just be yourself. Don’t worry what other people say about you. Just hold your head higher than theirs. All they are trying to do is to impress their friends and everyone around them because they think they are better than anyone else. I have my days of course I feel down and not good enough but that’s because I’ve kept it together for so long.

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There was life, there was love

imageIt’s not a destination, it is a journey. It is not a place where you can stop and make yourself comfortable, you’re going to be moving around all the time. You’re going to have fun, laugh, meet awesome people and enjoy every single minute you have here. You are also going to cry tears of sorrow and sadness, you are going to experience pain and misery and may never find ease.

But no matter what, there will always be a bright star to guide you to happiness. It may be someone who you never expected it to be, but when you find them, it was as if they were always there. They will think that you are perfect with all your flaws and insecurities. They will accept you for everything that you are, and everything that you’ve always wanted to be. They will love everything you hated about yourself. They will laugh with you, smile with you, makes jokes with and about you. And all the while they will never look towards someone else wishing that they were with them, and not you. Don’t give up thinking that you will never find them, they could be searching for you right this minute.

You will feel ease and comfort, peace and prosperity, love and warmth inside of you, and nobody has the right to take that away from you. You deserve to feel like you are wanted, you deserve to be the one that people care about. Because you are you. And you are the best you that anyone can be. Don’t ever stop being you.

Wadz x

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