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How to save money


Happy Wednesday lovely people, hope your week is going well. So today, I would give you tips on how to save money.

Plan out your spending: know what you spend most money on set your priorities so you don’t waste money on unnecessary things.
Make your own gifts: Diying things will save you a ton of money because you can spend as little as £5 in making it instead of spending £30 in purchasing it and the person you give will appreciate it because you put so much time and effort.
Write a list before going shopping: this will help you to purchase only necessary things.
Learn to repair: there are some things that just need repairing instead of wasting money replacing it, you can just repair and save yourself some money.
Stay healthy: this will help you spend less in hospital bills, cigarettes, drugs,medications and probably insurance.
Cut down on electricity usage: turn off the lights, turn off the tv and go outside to read and enjoy nature or you can go for a walk.
Compare prices: walk around the mall and compare the prices of certain commodities so you can get it for the best possible price in order to save money.
Cook: to be honest, we waste our money on fast food when we can just buy the ingredients to cook good food and we can re use the ingredients over and over again.
Sign up for freebies: who doesn’t love free things?
And finally, have a savings account: this is pretty self explanatory

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3 Reasons Why You Can’t Find A Job

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Have you been unemployed? If so, then you probably know how frustrating it is to try to find a job in the United States today. Some areas of the United States have been devastated so badly by the economic downturn. Unless you have been unemployed before, it’s hard to explain the extreme frustration that one feels when you are unable to pay the rent and feed your family. This epidemic has prompted me to become an entrepreneur and become my own boss. However, there is a huge misconception that being unemployed is the fault of those who are unemployed. The truth is that our economy is dying and it is not producing nearly enough jobs anymore.Here are some reasons why it’s hard to find a job.

1. Increased competition:
There have been a record number of college applications across the nation, resulting in more college graduates, and thus, more competition for the limited number of jobs available on the market. I will safely assume that every person reading this knows at least one person in their social circle who has graduated college and is still having difficulty getting a job

2. Lack of networking:
Many people get jobs through referrals. Statistics show the majority of people get their jobs this way. The reason why word of mouth is so effective is because it cuts through all the worry of whether or not this person can do the job. If somebody has been working for a company for some time, then that employee knows what it takes to succeed, and if that employee knows somebody who can do it, it’s an easy fit. The employer will trust the employee referring the new candidate and the new candidate will most likely get the job.

3. Technology Replaces Workers:
This has become a major problems in recent years with more technology there is a lesser need to for employers to hire available workers. This results in a huge number of displaced workers

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Is this true?: The One Thing That Holds Back Almost Every Entrepreneur

image.jpegThe Entrepreneur Insiders network is an online community where the most thoughtful and influential people in America’s startup scene contribute answers to timely questions about entrepreneurship and careers. Today’s answer to the question, “What are some tips for maintaining a successful startup?” is written by Neil Powell, co-founder of Mugnacious.

I realized, and sadly not very long ago, that my ability to predict my future is not so good. In fact, I’m embarrassed by how often I’ve been wrong. I’m not talking about thinking or preparing a bit for what might lie ahead either. That’s what a good business person does. I mean habitually trying to predict what will happen to you and your business in the future. I’ve spent God knows how many of my precious little life hours obsessing about all kinds of ways things could play out for me and my small business.

The senseless string of questions, worry and doubt:

What if no one calls me for projects next month, even when I’ve had a banner year thus far?

What if that art sale doesn’t happen?

What if they change their mind?Then what would I say?

What if …

And while all this fortune telling was going on in my head, I was never really paying attention to the now part of my business — remembering or noticing all the little signs that life presents to you over and over during the course of a day, a week, a month or a year.

Because while I was racking my brain trying to calculate all the things a client might say during drinks Friday, life had been driving a big dumb clown car down Happy Street passing out new opportunities. But I couldn’t see any of this. I was always so fixated on the future. By trying to predict my future, I would inadvertently make decisions based on fantasy. Most of which played to the conservative side of things and led to predictable behavior. Offering up only opportunities that led to more of the kind of work I wanted to move away from in the first place.

It wasn’t until just last year that I started to change. Career-wise, I was at a crossroads of sorts. I worked as both an artist and an interior designer. Just when revenues from my two roles were starting to even out, I started getting more fine arts projects.

In the past, I would have resisted turning too much of my attention toward my art and away from design. After all, it was the design channel of revenue that was allowing me the freedom to pursue art. But now, I was starting to give in to the fact that people love my art, and when I really focus on it, it flourishes.

Now I was turning my attention away from trying to predict my business’s future and turning it toward spending more time nurturing to what I really want my business to be — a magical place of making and wonder.

In March I decided to make a bold move. I opened a workshop and show space in Brooklyn and it’s given a whole new life to my small business. It was a decision that has transformed the way I work and approach my business. Admittedly, I was a tiny bit scared but nonetheless excited.

I feel reborn as an entrepreneur. All because I stopped trying to predict the future and started to take notice of now.

Originaly seen on the Fortune.

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10 Less Known and Interesting Facts About Chocolate


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I love good quality chocolate. There are a lot of history and strange facts to go along with the ingredients like cocoa or cacao and sugar on labels. In the beginning, sugar had nothing to do with chocolate.

1, Cocoa beans come from the fruit ( pod ) of trunks and branches of cocoa trees. They are actually seeds that are dried and fermented. The cocoa tree originated and was domesticated in Amazon forests of south and central America and at the foot of Andes mountains at least 3500 years ago.

2, Dried and Fermented seeds are ground into paste. It was consumed as a beverage by the Aztec sand Mayans who believed in its medicinal properties. The ancient people flavored the beverage with chili peppers. Cocoa beans were considered more valuable than gold and were used as money in those days.

3, It wasn’t until in the 17th century that cocoa beans reached Europe. In 1828, a Dutch chemist found a way to take the bitterness out of the paste and make it into powder known as Dutch Cocoa.

4, A company called Cadbury in England started making and selling what would resemble modern-day chocolate in 1847.

5, In 1621, a Spanish ship named Nuestra Senora del Rosario del Carmen brought chocolate to North America. In 1700s, chocolate was used as a ration by the military during French and Indian War.

6, Cocoa is the world’s third most traded agricultural product. It takes about 400 cocoa beans to make one pound of chocolate.

7, Every one second, Americans consume 100 pounds of chocolate.

8, It’s well known that chocolate can kill dogs and cats. We humans can die too if we eat too much of it. It takes about 22 pounds of chocolate for us.
9, Chocolate is more effective for suppressing coughs than over-the-counter medication. Hate the taste of nasty cough syrups? Just eat chocolate.

10, Stressed? Smell of chocolate has a relaxing effect. There are a lot of chocolate-scented bath and beauty products on the market.

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To those who get/have been bullied or have been put down by others…

image Image credit-Isvi Ramos

I don’t exactly know why people choose to hurt others. Maybe they’re jealous of you, or don’t like you, or just have nothing better to do…But that is no excuse. No matter what the reason is for their actions towards you, it is not okay.

When people try to bring you down, you often question why, you? What have I done to them? And sometimes those questions remain unanswered because you’ve literally done nothing wrong. Don’t ever feel like it’s your fault, like you deserve it, like you’re unworthy, not good enough, or popular enough and that those are the reasons why they’re picking on you. Never believe what others tell you to try and break you because they’re wrong.

I know that sometimes it all gets too much and you just want to break down and show weakness. I know that it gets hard putting on a tough face all the time and holding it in. So don’t hold it in, let it all out- cry if you have to, talk to someone and tell them how you feel. Go out and do anything you enjoy, think of a happy memory- anything that takes you to a happy place. Deal with it in a way you feel safe and comfortable doing it. It’s okay. It does not make you weak, it’s understandable when you have people tearing you down.

Stay strong, ignore the people who are putting you down and don’t let them get to you. You may be able to work it out yourself, and that’s great but remember the person may not be willing to change. If things are getting out of hand and If you’re being bullied, in anyway- SPEAK UP. Please, tell someone. Get help. Don’t be afraid. A teacher, friend, parent, family member- etc. they’re there to help. Remember, you’re not alone.

Also, remember to never attack back. You’re not them. You’re better than that and you’re not a bully. You don’t need to pick on someone in order to feel good. Influence them into good behavior. Let them know that you will not be like them.

Sadly, bullies or just negative people are everywhere- school, work, online, etc. No matter where you’re being put down, remember to stand up for yourself and not let them get to you.

With that said, stay strong, confident and positive. Surround yourself with people who care about you. It may seem like everything is falling apart but I promise that it does get better. Don’t ever give up.

I don’t really care if I don’t know you personally- if you ever need anything/ anyone to talk to / feel alone. I would be more than happy to be a friend and talk to you.

My personal e-mail is: or any of my other links are on my profile.

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There was life, there was love

imageIt’s not a destination, it is a journey. It is not a place where you can stop and make yourself comfortable, you’re going to be moving around all the time. You’re going to have fun, laugh, meet awesome people and enjoy every single minute you have here. You are also going to cry tears of sorrow and sadness, you are going to experience pain and misery and may never find ease.

But no matter what, there will always be a bright star to guide you to happiness. It may be someone who you never expected it to be, but when you find them, it was as if they were always there. They will think that you are perfect with all your flaws and insecurities. They will accept you for everything that you are, and everything that you’ve always wanted to be. They will love everything you hated about yourself. They will laugh with you, smile with you, makes jokes with and about you. And all the while they will never look towards someone else wishing that they were with them, and not you. Don’t give up thinking that you will never find them, they could be searching for you right this minute.

You will feel ease and comfort, peace and prosperity, love and warmth inside of you, and nobody has the right to take that away from you. You deserve to feel like you are wanted, you deserve to be the one that people care about. Because you are you. And you are the best you that anyone can be. Don’t ever stop being you.

Wadz x

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We all desire to be successful whether these are goals for business, home, family, or self-improvement or acquiring name and fame. Successful people are typically too busy innovating to write down much of anything. And on those rare occasions when they attempt to create a book, it’s filled with what they did, and not what led to their idea in the first place. While there are many things that seem to differentiate those who are successful from those who aren’t, I’ve noticed some simple things that successful people do here are five things that successful people are more willing to do:

They Focus on Their Goals Daily
Successful people are always focused on success. For instance, the first I do every morning is written down my goals—I’ve been doing this for years. It’s my experience that if I can stay focused on what I want, I will get it no matter how absurd the goal. Make the things you want and haven’t yet accomplished so real in your mind that they become real in your world.

They Are Willing to Fail:
The old saying, “no risk, no reward” really applies to those who are successful. These people go for it almost with a willingness to fail. Of course, they aren’t interested in failing, but they know that if they don’t put themselves in a position to fail, they’ll never create the ability to win. At some point in life, you’ll have to go for it or you’ll live the rest of your life regretting not doing so.

Don’t Set Out to Be Rich:
The best entrepreneurs don’t have making a fortune as their goal, as they start off. If you don’t understand what the market wants, you are making your life far harder than it has to be. So instead of seeking riches, the best entrepreneurs decide that they are going to follow their dreams or passion that the byproduct is monetary gain.

They Visualize Success:
Whatever the short or long term goal may be, highly successful people always visualize their success even before achieving it. They keep reminding themselves what exactly they need to achieve. A quote that I like to live by is “Thoughts become reality” simply put speaking your goals and dreams into existence.

They Never Make Excuses:
Regardless of how many excuses that can be made, successful people know that it will not change the outcome. Even justified excuses will not make a project or person successful. When things go wrong, the successful person sees it as an opportunity, not an insurmountable hurdle. Most unsuccessful people spend a lot of energy and time making excuses that hinder their success.

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Greatness: Don’t Settle For Less

Are you currently working at a job where you hate going to every morning? Have you been working there several years but have hardly gotten any pay raise? Are you chasing your dreams?

These are all great questions to ask yourself if you think you are settling for less in life. If you can relate to any of these above, then you might have a case of “settling for less”. I can relate to these same emotions because there have been numerous times in my life were I to settled. Yes, there are times when settling is necessary and not even a big deal. For example trying to save money for a down payment then you might have to settle for the budget vacation or no vacation at all. But that’s not really the kind of ‘settling’ I want to talk about today. I want to talk about the areas of your life where you should never settle. These are the important parts of life that deserve holding out for the things you want and deserve. Personally when I started to purse my dreams and not settle some people where very positive and supportive of it, but there have been a few naysayers that could potentially make me second guess myself. Then I realized in life there are always going to be some naysayers but it’s only up to me to determine my life. Overcoming this can be challenging, because most of us tend to take the safer route “we settle”. Sometimes our minds like to play tricks on us then turn into overdrive with thoughts like: “I need to settle with this job even though I hate my employer because otherwise I won’t be able to financially support myself”, “I can’t try something new because it’s too hard and I’m scared to fail”. The problem with all these thoughts is that they are just thoughts based on fear. They are limiting and can be debilitating to our being. They hold us back from really truly following the calling of our soul; to live a life filled with all the joy, love, and fulfillment that we have always dreamed of experiencing. I just want to encourage everyone reading this to embrace change and not be fearful of following dreams or trying to better your life. Here are five ways to strive for greatness and not settle for less than you deserve.

Have a mission:
Have you ever deeply thought of what you really want to do in life? If not than this is very important because without a mission or plan in life you can get lost and confused on what you really want to achieve.

Step outside of your confront zone:
This can be very difficult for some of us because we get comfortable in our daily lives and choose not to stretch ourselves to try new and perhaps strenuous things that we might really want to do. Sometimes we are not quite sure if we should take that leap of faith and do so. Well I want to encourage you to take that step and go after what in life that you know deep down that you want to do.

Stop limiting yourself:
What is holding you back to pursue your dreams? Identify these limiting beliefs, and burst the bubble. Don’t think you can’t achieve something because of naysayers or your own personal thoughts. Prepare your mind for greatness.

Forgive yourself for your past mistakes:
This is very important when you first start to change your life you have to forgive all your past failures and mistakes, forgive yourself and all others involved. Then you will be able to truly become great and leave settling for less in the past.

Surround yourself with passionate people:
Build a network of passionate, positive people, and frequently spend time with them. Find people that are striving for excellence like you. Discuss your passions and values with them. I have tried to do this as well and it has been somewhat challenging so I would like to invite anyone reading this who wants to change their life and stop settling for less. Comment below and we can connect and start building a network of positive people.

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If you are like most people, you have aspirations for a better life maybe a goal or dream you like to achieve. That goal may coincide with personal growth or maybe a dream that you always wanted to pursue. Your goal may also include going back to school, becoming an entrepreneur or starting a new workout routine. Having a goal is the easy part achieving and overcoming inner and outer doubt can truly leave you frightened past your wildest dreams and completely powerless by your own fear. Some of us spend a vast majority of time arranging our dreams, talking about them, writing about them and reading books about them preparing to act on said dream.

Sometimes our activities make us believe we’re moving in the right direction when self-doubt or fear pops up its ugly head. This is usually when what I liked to call “scaredy cat decisions” comes into action these are decision based on fear. Simply put this is when you let your fears or worries dictate your actions. Once you reach this point of thinking it can either break you or make you. At one point or another, we all question whether or not we are doing enough, making enough money, or if we are going to be “successful”.

Like in my own experience, self-doubt will try to snuff out your dreams. It will try to hold you back from becoming anything. But don’t you let it! You are capable of achieving what you want to achieve, one step at a time. Here are a few ways that can help you conquer your fears and become fearless to achieve all of your grandest goals and dreams.

Recognize That You have Self-Doubt or Fear
You can’t get rid of something until you recognize that it’s there. By recognizing that self-doubt or fear is holding you back you’re one step closer to rediscovering your self-confidence.

Build Your Confidence
Although achieving your dream will bring up stress, fear, doubt, this experience is precisely what is necessary for a confidence breakthrough to occur. It is not enough to make self-supporting choices when your journey is easy, you have to do it when it’s hardest to do so.

Don’t Listen To The Doubters
When you care about what everyone else is thinking of you, you inhibit yourself. You’d rather do nothing and not get judged than do something and risk criticism. No matter what you’re trying to achieve there will always be naysayers in the way saying you can’t do it. When you stop listening to them and focus on your dreams and passions you have taken a major step.

Read Positive Messages
This is very important especially if you don’t have anyone in your life to encourage, motivate or inspire you to continue to follow your dream. These positive articles, videos or blogs can help shape your mindset in mighty way.

Ask Yourself Empowering Questions
Certain types of questions can lead you to gain new insights and new motivation. Ask yourself the following questions, allow yourself to answer them from your heart, and see where your truths take you: Are your dreams important enough to change your daily lifestyle? Are you willing to make sacrifices to achieve your goal or dream? Do you have the courage to go after what you want and see it through?

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Dear women

Do you find that men who come into your life either only one thing from you? they aren’t that intreasted in having more than friends? They don’t understand why your not in the mood? You try and talk to them about your problems but they seem not to care? Do they act like care but deep down they don’t actually care?

Have no fear. This is just for you and whoever your with. More to the point of a self guide for men to understand women speak.


Lizzy’s Weekly Blogs
Do you find that men who come into your life only for one thing? Men what are you thinking! Don’t you understand that when a women says “no!” She means no. Don’t keep on pressuring her because your horny or you need to relieve yourself because you haven’t come in months. At the end of the day women are not sex symbols or porn stars who haven’t chosen that life style. They actually want you to respect them as equal as they respect you. This isn’t the old times of where men are in control and get what they want. Times have changed so much since then.

They aren’t that interested in friends? Some guys are genuine though. I do agree on some of the men who is reading this blog right now. They want a normal relationship not like other guys I have come across. Some men after a few dates or a few dates they know if they want you as your girlfriend or just remain as friends. You have your own opinion as well ladies. There’s no price tag on dates. Dates normally are so serious after a few dates but if it does look serious then there might be a price tag but you never know.

They don’t understand why your not in the mood? Men you know when a lady is in a mood or not in the mood that you have seriously done something wrong or they have a problem and feeling upset. If a lady tells you she’s not in the mood because she might just want a quiet cuddling time on the sofa or in bed watching tv with you. Also if she just want a cuddle and want your arms around her that’s is because she wants your love that way. She maybe tired and upset about something.

You try and talk to them about your problems but they seem not to care? Guys we all know that you don’t talk about your feelings or anything and you think girls are such weaklings and etc. At the end of the day we know that you have problems but we can sense it as well because we have those mother instincts. Monjority of guys do actually care because they are that nice and they protect us in so many ways but they don’t show it or share their feelings.

Do they act like care but deep down they don’t actually care? Majority of the guys I have come across are completely arses to be honest because all they think about themselves. There are guys out there actually do care you just have to kiss so many frogs to find your prince.

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