Fear in 300 words or less


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Dedicating a day per week to looking beyond the horizon. Your weekly dose of perspective shift.

This is not for the fearful.
This is not for the cowards.
This is not for the one that sits and does nothing.
This is for you heart.
This is for your soul.
This is for the warrior inside you.

What do you do when you don’t know what is on the other side? Would you jump, would you look over the fence or would you just peak?

What is your biggest dream? Name it now. Think about it. What is stopping you? What fears struck you? What means could you use to get where you want? What common things you find in yourself that can help build the path towards where you want to be? Your time here is so short that you don’t even have the time to doubt yourself.

You can’t plan your life until the last detail and sure you don’t want that. But for sure you can give some directions from the back seat.

I’m not telling you to do something or to stay put. At the end of the day, it’s YOUR life that you build. But just be sure that when your knees are going to be weak, when you will feed yourself only with your memories and when half of the persons you knew will be ghosts in the wind, you won’t regret a thing and all your dreams will be accomplished.

Fear cripples. Fear limits you. Fear rules you. Fear shouldn’t be more than an obstacle. Fear should encourage you. Fear should dare you to do whatever you want.

You decide what you should do. You decide how you what to live your life. It’s all about you. What will you do?

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